Cruise around the coast of Croatia by yacht charter

The Croatian coast in Croatia has become one of the best places to visit the most expensive and crowded Mediterranean Sea, and a cruise to Croatia aboard a small luxury yacht is one of the best ways to discover this beautiful landscape filled with wonder. Sail in Croatia, and discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site each after the other, enjoy a secluded beach and explore a pristine island. Take a cruise along the Croatian coast and you will understand why Croatia has become the new Eldorado of tourists coming from Europe. Most of the Adriatic cruise gives the following operations.

Mljet Island is a paradise for nature enthusiasts:

One third of its region is covered by the Mljet National Park. There are wild boars, hares, or deers. You can go hiking, mountain biking or boating on the island's salt lakes. Saplunara, one of Mjlet's beaches, is regarded as one of the region’s most beautiful areas.

Split Island

Split is a UNESCO World Heritage Site mixes lovely ancient and new architecture. The laundry hangs from the balconies here and the music comes from the restaurants. There is the Diocletian's Palace, one of the early antiquity's best preserved structures.

Island of Hvar

Croatians love to relax on the island of Hvar, on the edge of lovely coves or in the lavender areas. You will find the Old Town and its Venetian architecture in Hvar, a tiny city on the island. You can also go up to Fortica Fortress to admire the view.


Dubrovnik is often used as the point of entry or departure for cruises along the Croatian coast. For those who love the Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik is renowned for its impressive ramparts, but also for being one of series filming sites. It is also feasible to take part in a tour of the primary filming locations. Book your cruise well in advance for a yacht charter croatia, luxury cruises are rapidly completed in high season. Some cruises do not function in the low season.

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Enjoying a luxurious time while in Italy

Enjoying a luxurious time while in Italy
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