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Renting in the Basque Country: The market grows every year

Real estate on the Basque coast

In terms of real estate, the Basque coast still remains a very attractive market. In fact, new housing construction projects are launched there regularly, which makes it possible to satisfy the numerous rental requests. The Basque market grows each year and this observation is the same in all the municipalities of the region.

In summer, despite the large influx of holidaymakers, it is not difficult to find a guethary vacation rental offer for people who wish to reside in this city.

Where can you quickly find a rental offer in the Basque Country?

The realities of the rental market are not the same in all the cities of the Basque Country. And although the trend is up, the prices displayed vary from place to place.

Biarritz is considered the epicenter of the Basque real estate market. There, demand is particularly strong and this has led to some escalation. However, local policy has made it possible to force professionals in the sector to charge reasonable prices.

If you cannot find apartments to rent in Biarritz, you can fall back on Anglet. This city, which stretches between Bayonne and Biarritz, has the most extensive housing stock. There you will find all types of accommodation to rent, something to make everyone smile. In Anglet, there is a particular interest in new constructions, with rental proposals taking into account a wide range of budgets.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is no exception to the good health of the Basque rental market. And even if the city has a less bourgeois real estate stock, the quality is still there. As for the prices, the least we can say is that they are stable.

The Basque coast is a good destination for a dream vacation. When you get there, you can easily rent accommodation with all the amenities. As the region's real estate market is booming, you will inevitably find an offer in line with your vacation budget.

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