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Here is your full Samboat boat rental guide :

Having a boat is not cheap and renting it either. In addition, it is estimated that owners of boats, sailboats or private catamarans use it only 10 days a year. So, the rest of the year, he goes on rent.

We can distinguish two types of lease or charter

In accordance with these habits, the rent, the cost of which in the case of a sailboat ten meters long for a week, oscillates between 700 euros in low season and 1500 in high season.

Rent a boat with a skipper

In this case, the services of a skipper are contracted with the boat, as well as the additional crew required, to govern it during the rental period.

Rent a boat without skipper

In this case, one of the passengers must have sufficient qualifications for the ship's government.

Leasing or charter activities?

The boats will not be able to take more than twelve people, not counting the crew. Vessels with a maximum length of 14 meters must have a Spanish flag or one of the countries of the European Union. They must conform to the complementary rules of application of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. Foreign vessels must comply with the current legislation here for temporary importation.

To request an authorization

Certificate of insurance against accidents in force protecting the persons on board. Proof of finding its owner up to date taxes in force due to the operation of this company. In the case of foreign persons or entities, they must accompany the residence card to Spain or the country of the European Union. Foreign employees employed in the company must receive this card. Renting a boat is a very popular practice, but the steps must follow rules.

If you do not know what type of license you need to rent a boat, you can consult the dedicated section for this on the Samboat platform.

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